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Khotan Runner Rug

Material: Wool On Cotton
Thickness: 6 mm
Knot density: 103 kpsi
Size: 13′6″ x 4′2″ / 4.12 x 1.26 mt.
Carpet ID: HTYNKL015215

Khotan rugs made in and around the town of Khotan in east Turkestan. These outstanding rugs have a different style. While the main motifs, details appear east Asian, the layout with allover small medallions or central medallions relate more to Persian and Turkish rugs from the west. These beautiful unique carpets tend to be geometric with abstract drawings with color palettes of soft pastels to vibrant colors. Runners in this quality and width are hard to find, and this unique runner can be great in the right hallway or on stairs and create an inviting feel. Add pleasing texture and spectacular beauty to your home with these practical and stylish rugs.

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