About Us

Our founders have been procuring carpets from throughout the carpet weaving regions of the world for 5 generations.  They travelled throughout Anatolia, meeting with nomads, sitting with weavers in the villages and working with producers of palace carpets along with designers developing special designs for today’s world of interiors.  We had been selling these unique pieces to wholesalers for many years and we are now opening this opportunity to bring these one of a kind handmade carpets to our Carpetonline.co site.  We want you, the consumer to be able to choose directly from the source.

We carry a large variety of handmade carpets, rugs, and kilims which you can choose from and we believe our assortment has something for everyone.  Our main focus is on the quality of our products and a fair price/quality value.  Since our handmade products are one of a kind, we do not mass produce in large volume for low costs.  We want you to have a very special unique product in your home that creates a wonderful atmosphere and that gives you a feeling of comfort.  You will have a handmade carpet that you will not see in anyone else’s home.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products as we want you to feel comfortable that your purchase is exactly what you imagined.   Our return policy is extremely flexible and our shipping is very efficient with no extra cost in our main markets to you our valued clients.
With our long history in the carpet business, and our attention to detail and our excellent customer service you can trust that your handmade carpet from Carpetonline.co is authentic and from the weavers loom direct to your home.

We look forward to servicing you and enhancing your beautiful home with a carpet from our one of a kind collection.  If you need anything or have any questions, you can call us speak with one of our team.