What you need to know before buying a rug online

What you need to know before buying a rug online

Jun 05, 2023öykü özenci
Studies show 75% of rugs are purchased online. It can be a bit scary ordering large pieces online and not seeing it. Only order from online stores with amazing return policies. Your personal taste is very important when choosing a rug. You will be the one who is going to be living with it, so think if your style is tribal, traditional or modern. But before you even think about the look of the rug, you must think about the function of the rug. Is this a high traffic area? Will this rug get spilled on? Will kids be laying on this rug? therefore, it needs to be soft? Think about how you will use the rug in your everyday life before you choose. When you measure your rooms length & width, do not forget your furniture. Only measure the floor area you want to cover, not the measurement from wall to wall.
Rugs are made in a lot of different materials. When shopping online investigate what the rug is made out of. Here are some tips for choosing the right material.

Has been used to make rugs for centuries its soft, warm and and resist spills. Wool is also the only true ''green'' choice if you are trying to save the world because its a truely sustainable resource. All of the synthetic options are made from petroleum.

Cotton is a cultivated vegetable fiber. It is commonly used for the foundation of the rug rather than its facing.

Luxurious and lustrous, silk rugs are adored for their softness and subtle sheen. Real silk is produced from silk worms and can be spun into very fine thin yarns.

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