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Star Medallion Mamluk Rug

The Mamluk rug designs are reflecting famous Egyptian and Ottoman Ushak motifs. Mamluk rugs have fin..

2.10 x 1.51 mt.

Pattern Stripe Modern Zara Rug

This exciting and unique carpet is hand knotted by artisan weavers, using good quality local wool ya..

4.48 x 3.73 mt.

Zara Serapi Red Medallion Rug

Handwoven from extremely good quality wool with skilled weavers of Sivas town in Turkey. This beauti..

5.14 x 3.82 mt.

Ottoman Blue Corner Royal Rug

Handwoven at our looms in Anatolia. Ottoman rug collection is inspired by the motifs found in ancien..

3.63 x 2.99 mt.