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Fancy Ushak Medallion Floral Rug

To this day Fancy Ushak Medallion Floral rugs remain one of the most elegant decorative carpets for ..

1.71 x 2.36 mt.

Kazak Large Medallion Rug

Kazak Large Medallion rugs were woven by Turkic nomadic people, now settled near the Caucasus mounta..

1.43 x 1.98 mt.

Tulga Tollu Four Square Medallion Rug

Just like natural dye research and development project also known as Dobag project Mr. Tulga Tollu w..

2.47 x 2.74 mt.

Abbas Mansouri - Isfahan Floral Medallion Silk & Wool Rug

Designed with both traditional and/or storytelling motifs and versatile color palettes, this hand kn..

2.21 x 1.49 mt.