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Zara Multi Square Pure Silk Rug

Material: Silk On Silk
Thickness: 3 mm
Knot density: 100 kpsc / 645 kpsi
Size: 6′6″ x 4′7″ / 1.98 x 1.4 mt.
Carpet ID: SLIPKR037000

Influenced by a folkloric Sivas-Zara design, these delightful silk rugs are handcrafted in the city of Kayseri. Zara silk rugs are decorated with long and repeated stripes which are running the length or/and width of a rug. The surface of these rugs show an amazing colour change according to the light reflections. Either displayed on the floor or as a wall hanging, Zara silk rugs make an impressive statement and will bring a great flavour to any living space.

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