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Turkoman Tribal Rug 8262

Material: Wool On Cotton
Thickness: 6 mm
Knot density: 12 kpsc / 78 kpsi
Size: 3′5″ x 6′9″ / 1.04 x 2.05 mt.
Carpet ID: TURKMN028262

The Turkoman people are settling in villages in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and near the Persian border of Turkmenistan. Their origin is tribal nomadic, but most members of the tribes have settled in villages in the last decades. Turkoman carpets have geometric and floral designs. Most Turkmen rugs found are between 3 x 5 ft. and 8 x 10 ft. The design is perfect for interiordesign styles like Victorian, Vintage, Bohemian, Art Deco, Arts & Crafts. Interior designers prefer these rugs due to their reduced creativity and craftsmanship.

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