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Turkish Hereke Birds Of Paradise Pure Silk Rug

Material: Silk On Silk
Thickness: 3 mm
Knot density: 100 kpsc / 645 kpsi
Size: 4′5″ x 3′2″ / 1.34 x 0.96 mt.
Carpet ID: HRHICR019517

An exceptionally rare and high quality Silk on Silk Turkish Hereke Rug. Due to the unbelievably thin nature of the silk fiber being used, weavers tie exceptionally high number of knots, thus creating extremely detailed, magnificent carpets. This unique carpet features a cypress tree symbolizing longevity and prosperity. Defining the Prayer rug design is the Mehrab starting from the root of the tree, extending to the top of the field. A beautiful composition, this Hereke carpet is an exceptional work of art.

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