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Tribal Yalameh Pile Rug

Material: Wool On Wool
Thickness: 5 mm
Knot density: 125 kpsi
Size: 8′8″ x 5′10″ / 2.64 x 1.79 mt.
Carpet ID: YLMEKR023735

Yalameh rugs are made in southwestern part of Iran by nomadic peoples of Turkish origin. These attractive rugs are made entirely of wool with fine knotting and a tight pile. The yarns used for the pile are very soft and silky and this gives the rugs a considerable sheen. In this beautiful rarely seen Yalameh carpet there is one diamond shaped medallion in the middle, whereas main characteristic of these rugs is to have three or more medallions in a straight line. Yalameh rugs are among the best tribal rugs woven in Iran and will work both modern and traditional furniture.

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