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Tribal Yagcibedir Rug 9536

Material: Wool On Wool
Thickness: 6 mm
Knot density: 12 kpsc / 80 kpsi
Size: 4′9″ x 2′4″ / 1.45 x 0.71 mt.
Carpet ID: YBYNCR019536

Yagcibedir carpets are produced in the mountain villages of Balikesir which is the city in the West of Turkey and are the best quality rugs of their kind. The group composed of several tribes called ‘’Yagcibedir’’ came from The Eastern Anatolia and settled to the western region. These rugs are made out of %100 percent good quality wool with red and blues. Yagcıbedir carpets balances rich colors with lively geometric shapes to form a tribal masterpiece.

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