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Qashqai Bird Ground Rug

Material: Wool On Wool
Thickness: 7 mm
Knot density: 16 kpsc / 103 kpsi
Size: 7′ x 4′8″ / 2.14 x 1.43 mt.
Carpet ID: ORCLKS013631

Qashqai Rugs woven by the nomads of the Zagros Mountain region in southwest Iran. The fields of their carpets are characteristically packed with little details, as a myriad of birds, flowers, animals and abstract geometric figures cover literally each square inch. The Qashqai carpet continues to hold a special place in the world of oriental rugs, as it expresses a level of both creative inspiration and craftsmanship. An old Qashqai say is “Where I am is my carpet. Where my carpet and I am is my home.” These timeless rugs are the excellent culmination of history, love and respect of Qashqai people to their carpets and their magical touch.

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