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Nomad Silk Medallian Rug

Material: Silk On Silk
Thickness: 3 mm
Knot density: 100 kpsc / 645 kpsi
Size: 5′5″ x 4′3″ / 1.66 x 1.29 mt.
Carpet ID: NMCLSK032773

Nomad silk carpets hand knotted from the beginning to finish in a diligent tradition. In this collection silk is used both in the warp, weft and pile by talented weavers. Nomad rugs have an significant color combination that makes them exceptionally desirable. The lustrous texture and durable silk fiber of these rugs, enables them to be used both on the floor or as a wall hanging. Rare Nomad silk rugs are among the most captivating carpets.

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