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Kurdistan Rug

Material: Wool On Wool
Thickness: 7 mm
Knot density: 25 kpsc / 160 kpsi
Size: 13′5″ x 9′11″ / 4.09 x 3.01 mt.
Carpet ID: ORCLHD015334

Kurdish people live from the large area stretching from east Anatolia in the west, to Iran in the east. But the rugs produced by Kurds in all these regions all have a set of qualities that connect them to one another. The materials are the finest nature offers, the lanolin rich, hand spun wool. Kurdish weavers use medallion and geometric patterns. However, far more popular are; the all over floral trees, flowers and rich vibrant colors. A beautiful composition and intricate detailing make these carpets work well with both traditional and transitional home decors.

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