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Haghighi Isfahan Rug

Material: Silk/Wool/Cotton
Thickness: 4 mm
Knot density: 64 kpsc / 412 kpsi
Size: 13′5″ x 8′3″ / 4.1 x 2.52 mt.
Carpet ID: HBIPYN037314

The growing acknowledgment of the importance of woven rugs as not only beautiful pieces of decor, but objects of art. In this stunning Isfahan carpet, weavers created collectible, investment level rug employing striking tones, abundant blue background and unique, delicate motifs. Their richness of detail is amazing and this is achieved by using only fine wool and silk. Silk is used on the foundation of this carpet, which enabled weavers to produce a much sharper and more clearly defined pattern. Lovely to look at, this carpet is a masterpiece of unforgettable and confident artistic expression.

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