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Bakhtiari Multi Color Rug

Material: Wool On Wool
Thickness: 5 mm
Knot density: 20 kpsc / 130 kpsi
Size: 6′10″ x 4′11″ / 2.09 x 1.5 mt.
Carpet ID: ORCLHD015341

Bakhtiari rugs are woven in central and southern part of Iran by villagers and nomads of the area. The most popular Bakhtiari composition is the panelled garden design which is filled with tree of life schemes. Each compartment having a different color. But these skilful weavers also produce sophisticated medallion and allover designs of classical Persian inspiration. The color palette is usually rich reds, blues, yellow ochre, green, orange and browns. These delightful rugs are among the most collectable examples of tribal weaving.

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