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Antique Tulu Sleeping Rug

Material: Wool On Wool
Size: 6′2″ x 4′3″ / 1.87 x 1.3 mt.
Carpet ID: ESKNTL035693

Older Tulu is woven in and around the villages of Konya, Turkey. Primitive long piled Tulu have been woven with sheeps wool. For centuries these beautiful pieces in Anatolia were used as sleeping mattresses or blankets due to their incredible warmth. Tulus were produced for private use only and were never subject to any dictate of fashion. This is the reason why largely unknown ancient and old world symbolism has survived in the Tulu over the centuries. As Tulus get older and receive wear, the colors mellow and the piece will become more appealing. The value of the piece increases as it approaches antiquity. Tulus make an incredible statement in any design setting whether traditional, transitional or modern.

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