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Eight Medallion Ottoman Royal Rug

Eight Medallion Ottoman Royal Rug


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Carpet ID:ORYNSC000406
Material Wool On Cotton
Thickness:5 mm. (approx.)
Knot density:125 kpsi (approx.)
Size:1.43 x 1.17 mt.
  • $1,300
  • Ex Tax:$1,300

Eight Medallion Ottoman Royal Rug

Handwoven at our looms in Anatolia. Ottoman rug collection is inspired by the motifs found in ancient Turkish & Persian art, featuring traditional motifs and a lovely versatile color palette. An updated composition and intricate detailing make this collection a true work of art. These exquisite carpets' decorative appeal and a rich sense of history, will adapt to many different tastes and decors.


To maintain the condition and extend the life of your rug, vacuum regularly and try our organic cleaning solutions. For hard-to-remove stains professional care is recommended, call us 1-800-659-0844

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