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Toros Runner Rug

Material: Wool On Wool
Thickness: 12 mm
Knot density: 6 kpsc / 40 kpsi
Size: 10′7″ x 2′7″ / 3.23 x 0.79 mt.
Carpet ID: ATLASM039548

Toros collection rugs have an thick pile and they are hand knotted with the softest wool in Konya, Turkey. These carpets can also be made to measure with or without hassle finishing. Once dimensions and carpet Inspiration are sent to us, clients also can specify the size of the diamond hatch size and the details of their Carpet design. These beautiful tribal rugs take around 2 or 3 months to weave by hand depending on the size. Toros rugs are timeless and find their place in any classical or modern home decor.

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