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Kashizadeh - Qum Flower Pot Pure Silk Rug

Material: Silk On Silk
Thickness: 3 mm
Knot density: 144 kpsc / 925 kpsi
Size: 4′1″ x 2′7″ / 1.24 x 0.8 mt.
Carpet ID: ORMGSK027698

Superior technical and artistic ability is instantly apparent in the delicacy of these painstakingly rendered details. A cherished characteristic of the fine persian weave. The texture beauty and exceptionally durable raw material of these rugs, enables them to be used both on the floor or as a wall hanging. These hand knotted carpets lavish, intricate blend of color and delicate patterning forms a warm sense of playfulness that finds itself at home in any setting.

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