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Antique Obruk Kilim Rug

Antique Obruk Kilim Rug


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Carpet ID:ESOBKL035355
Material Wool On Wool
Thickness:3 mm. (approx.)
Size:1.47 x 1.09 mt.
  • $2,000
  • Ex Tax:$2,000

Antique Obruk Kilim Rug

Old Obruk kilim runner rug handwoven in Konya, Turkey, over 100 years of age & in very good condition. Traditionally patterned Obruk runner kilims are known worldwide . Obruk patterning is very easily recognized, squarish medallions with extending arms at the four corners and triangular protrusions filling the empty spaces. This pattern is repeated down the field of the kilim runner. Obruk kilims are woven in reds, blues, and browns.


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